It's fun to

be us

We are a team of wishful thinkers, ideal world dreamers, chaos surfers and impossible deniers!

Our calling is critical health-care support services.


Efficiency Drivers

User Experience


Caring: Be caring and aim to provide best service solutions, always. Understand pain areas and provide best that's possible.

Proficient: Be committed to serve customers in the best possible way. Take ownership & responsibility serve efficiently.

Trustworthy: Be honest and trustworthy, by respecting each situation. Keep our commitments and respect customers.

Reachable: Be reachable and accessible in all situations. Be constantly visible and stay alert.

Agile: Do things right the first time and every time. Be agile and flexible to accept and respond immediately to the situations.

Friend: Be a friend in all situations to provide service like a friend would. Be that the source who can help, when life matters!

We see our service model is built on 3H fundamental principles - Head (Intellect), Heart (Passion), and Hands (Service). Based on this, Tava Mitra aims to be leading organization in the area of emergency and allied healthcare services across the world.